Age increases your risk of severe COVID disease, hospitalization, and death. According to the CDC, eight out of 10 COVID-19 deaths have been in adults 65 and older. We all know the elderly have had the raw end of this deal, but how are the elderly actually dealing with COVID?

How Are The Elderly Dealing With COVID?

The older population has had to endure isolation, life changes, and world changes during the pandemic. While many people were worried about the mental health of the elderly during this time, they have proved to be the most resilient age population when it comes to anxiety and depression. So, the elderly are handling this incredible challenge with dignity and poise. No surprise there. Life experience and wisdom definitely shines through in this unprecedented time. And things are only getting better. Learn more about senior citizens care service.

COVID Vaccine Brings Hope

Amazing news has come in the form of the COVID vaccine. At first things were overwhelming and difficult to figure out for the less tech savvy older population. The vaccine roll-out was incredibly internet and tech dependent. Luckily groups of volunteers and individuals stepped up and did (and are doing) what they could do to help get these susceptible people the vaccine that they needed. Now, 65 percent of adults 65 and over have been fully vaccinated and 81 percent have had one dose. This is amazing news when things have seemed so grim for the elderly population over the last year since this awful pandemic has taken hold of the world. Cases of COVID-19 and hospitalization in the elderly have gone down. So, how is the elderly population living and coping now that the end of the COVID-19 pandemic is in the foreseeable future?

What Can You Do After Becoming Fully Vaccinated?

Most of the 65 plus population is now vaccinated! What next? You are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after your 2nd shot in a 2 series COVID vaccine and two weeks after the single shot COVID-19 vaccine. The CDC says we can visit inside a home with other fully vaccinated people with no mask. We can also visit the home of our friends within one family that are not vaccinated, but at low risk for infection with no mask. Being fully vaccinated also makes travel easier. For all fully vaccinated people, we are living in a much safer world. Consider professional home health-aid for the times you cannot be with your loved one.

Positivity Is More Contagious Than COVID-19 

Life is getting a bit more normal. Definitely not back to normal, but we are getting there. We get to see our families and friends more (obviously with some precautions still in place). We are all starting to dip our toes in life outside of our homes again. We are all feeling grateful for living through this year, for being able to spend time with our families again, and for seeing the end of this pandemic in the not too distant future. 

So, how are elderly dealing with COVID? Just fine. It hasn’t been easy and it still isn’t. But, while older people may have had the worst go with COVID, they seem to be the age group coping best with this life-changing situation. Their bodies may not be as strong as they once were, but their resilience and adaptability has proved to be as strong as ever!

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