Driving Services for Seniors

Is it Time to Quit Driving?

For some senior citizens, the answer is obvious. They may be also aesthetically impaired to proceed driving.

Simply consider these vision and driving facts:

  • Vision supplies about 85% of the details we need to make safe choices when driving.
  • A 60-year-old calls for 10 times as much light to drive as a 19-year-old.
  • A 55-year-old takes 8 times longer to recoup from glow than a 16-year-old.
  • Older chauffeurs can take twice as long to distinguish the flash of brake lights as younger vehicle drivers.


Research of the troubles seniors confront with transport was performed by the Beverly Foundation in collaboration with the UNITED STATE Department of Transportation and the AAA Foundation for Website Traffic Safety. Seniordrivers.org summarized their findings with the complying with styles:

Seniors continue driving “as long as feasible since they are uninformed of, or do not believe they have, alternate means of transportation.”

Seniors “limit their driving or stop driving altogether as a result of practical troubles.”

” By the time they stop driving, several older grownups are so impaired that they are incapable to utilize most public and also para-transit systems.”

“Besides health, transportation is one of the most crucial concerns for senior citizens.”

Transportation For Seniors In New Jersey

Did you know that one-half of Americans 65 and also older do not have accessibility to public transport? And that more than half of all non-drivers 65 and older may remain at home all day because they do not have transport alternatives. Those in backwoods and rural places are especially impacted since the transport alternatives are restricted.


However it is very important for seniors to continue to be mobile to keep their social independence with friends and family; to minimize feelings of seclusion and loneliness, as well as numerous other life-prolonging benefits.

Medical Transport Options for Seniors

Discovering transport to go to the food store, or to visit good friends, is one thing. Finding transportation to visit a doctor’s appointment is an additional matter entirely. Showing up to these appointments, whether it be an examination, a medical procedure, or just a normal check-up, is vital to your health and wellness.


Because of this, relying upon public transportation might not be the very best alternative in clinical scenarios. The good news is, Delores Heart has your back with professional transportation you can trust.

Insurance Coverage Covered Transportation

Depending on your insurance policy service provider, your health protection might include a certain amount of transportation for clinical purposes. Let us assist in working out the kinks for you and get you to your appointments in a timely fashion. Call us today to schedule a free consultation on transportation for seniors in New Jersey.