As the name suggests, home health aid is the help provided to needy patients within the vicinity of their homes. It is the hired assistance provided by a trained health care worker. These services may be provided by hospital nurses or specially trained staff. The purpose of home health aid is to help the patient carry out basic tasks in their daily routines.

Who Needs Home Health Aide?

The goal of home health aid is in fact assistance. Anyone who needs assistance in carrying out their daily routine tasks is liable to a home health aide. However, usually the service is needed for the following individuals:

    • Elderly patients esp. those above 70yrs of age
    • Patients suffering from chronic diseases
    • Patients undergoing recovery from any accident or trauma
    • Patients undergoing recovery from a surgery
    • Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or any other such brain disorders
    • Patients suffering from Parkinson’s diseases, paralysis, epilepsy etc.
    • Crippled or paraplegic individuals

All of the above-mentioned conditions require not only physical but also emotional support.

Why Do You Need To Hire A Home Health Aide For Your Family Member?

Any disease with a prolonged span will hurt the emotional well-being of an individual. For instance, Not being able to enjoy a nice sunny day, or the first snow may sound trivial to a healthy person. But in the case of elderly or chronically ill individuals, it’s the littlest joys that count for the most.

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Reduced Chances For Depression And Anxiety

Statistics show that for an average man/woman the chances of Depression are up to 20%. However, in the case of chronic illness, the rate is as high as up to 25-33%. The astoundingly high chances of getting depressed due to prolonged illness have developed the need for a sympathetic partner. More often than none, having just another person in the room while silently watching TV makes the most difference.


Although, no one from outside can replace your place and affection for your ailing loved one. However, it is always better to have someone rather than being entirely alone. The home health aid workers are trained to develop an emotional bond with their clients. They not only focus on doing the tasks assigned to them but also to make sure that the client feels comforted.

When the family members have to leave for their jobs, education or to run some errands, the help aid will make sure that the patient is well taken care of. Home health aid will make sure that their client feels loved, acknowledged, heard and respected. 

Create Safe And Secure Environment For Their Patient

Patients suffering from incurable conditions or those in old age, often feel threatened by anything or anyone that can bring a change in their usual routines. Home health aid is trained to develop stellar communications skills. They are skilled individuals who can help your loved one feel like being in charge. This creates a secure environment for them. The patient begins to communicate well with the aid worker. Eventually, the physical and mental health of the patient begins to improve at a steady pace.

What Does A Home-Health Do?

You cannot always be everywhere. It is impossible to manage Work, family and caring for an ill loved one altogether. However, the physical state of your needy family member is also a dire condition. Inability to perform even daily life tasks is a real issue. In order to correct this situation, home health aid is hired to support such members. Some of the duties of some health aid are as follows:

  • Assist with cooking meals, getting groceries and running other errands
  • Report about the physical vitals to the client’s doctors or other medical staff
  • Strictly monitor and maintain the medication schedule. The aide should also perform the task of prescription refilling etc.
  • Assist in carrying out the personal hygiene tasks such as help take a bath, brush teeth and get dressed afterwards
  • Help the client communicate with his family for their needs and requirements
  • Assist the client in daily life chores such as vacuuming, laundry, dusting, cleaning and overall maintaining the whole house.
  • Keep a close eye on the physical health of patients such as monitor vitals 
  • Assist in getting dressed and undressed. Keep the client properly dressed at all times such as hair properly combed etc.
  • Report any changes in the patient’s conditions to his family members and doctors
  • Provide physical help to the client during their outdoor visits such as going for a walk etc.
  • Advocate for their client as they are unable to do it for themselves
  • Assist the client during their outdoor tasks. For example, most of the elderly find it difficult to drive a car, or climb up and down a few flights of stairs, or sometimes even fetch a water bottle from a nearby store. Health aid is the companions who help their clients carry out these tasks.

Home Health Aide By Delores Heart

We at Delores Heart are the care guardians you and your loved ones so badly need. We know what it takes to take care of an entirely dependent individual. We know what you and your ailing family member is going through. Don’t let this rough patch ruin your relationships. Let us jump in and try to make it easier for you and your family.

Our professionally trained staff is equipped for any task you might need from us. We are merely some people dressed in nursing uniforms. We are the support you need in your hard times. We make efforts so that you don’t have to.

Contact us for setting up a meeting. As our founder Delores Philip said, “nothing is more gratifying than taking care of others.” So, let us take care of you.