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Delores Heart was established in the year 2018 by Antonio Phillips in the fond memory of his late Mother Delores Phillips. We are an organization formed as a result of love & empathy.

Our Proud History

Our founder Antonio Phillips took upon the job to take care of his ailing Mother, who was suffering from Cancer. During that time, he realized the impertinent need to have a supportive shoulder both for himself and his mother. And thus, out of this dire need and the passion to take care of others, Delores Heart LLC. was born.  

Our Mission and Vision

Our services include home health care and assistance, especially equipped transportation, and respite services under the supervision of medically trained staff. Our staff is available 24/7 on call and in person. Our services can be rendered anywhere in New Jersey and we are proud to bring you peace of mind with our state of the art visual communication system to keep you in touch with your loved ones at all times.

From Our Founders

For the families, we know how daunting it is to care for an ailing loved one and maintain a household or focus on the job. We know that you are doing your very best. The troubles you are going through just to make sure that your loved one feels loved and cared for are unimaginable.

Nobody should have to go through all of it alone. Nobody should have to feel like they are being suffocated by the pain and sorrow of seeing a loved one in pain. Let us provide you a hand in this difficult time. Let us take at least some of the burdens away so that you can have a chance to feel like yourself again. Because nothing is as difficult as it seems as long as there is light and love in our hearts.

For those who are in a need of care, believe us when we say ‘nothing is difficult as long as there is light and love in all of our hearts’. 

It’s hard to understand the extent of pain and trauma a family goes through. No one can or should tell you that what you are suffering from is easy, because it’s not! Delores Heart Home Health Care is here to help you. Trust us! Because leaning onto a helping hand does not make you weak. It only strengthens you so that you don’t have to feel helpless and alone ever again.

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All the testimonials on Delores Heart are written by clients from our community. So any testimonial you see is based on a stay that a guest had in a host’s listing.

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